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2° General States of Industrial Heritage

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European Route of Industrial Heritage Italia Meeting 2022

2° General States of Industrial Heritage

The Italian Association for the Industrial Archaeological Heritage - AIPAI, in celebrating 25 years of commitment to the census, knowledge, protection and enhancement of the Industrial Heritage, is organising and promoting the 2nd States General of the Industrial Heritage, which will be held in Rome from 9 to 11 June 2022, to bring together once again scholars, administrations, conservation and protection bodies, planners, associations, tour operators and all those involved in the vast commitment in this still-young heritage field.

Contemporary territories and cities are innervated by the signs of production and labour: from those imprinted in the post-industrial landscape to those recognisable in the organisation, aspirations and criticalities of today's society. They are the visible effects of a very near past, impossible to overlook for the cultural, socio-economic and environmental challenges of the present and the years to come.

The recovery of the Industrial Heritage is therefore strategic and passes through the recognition of the values of the industrial heritage that, thanks to the affirmation and diffusion of the methods of Industrial Archaeology, leads to the emergence of conspicuous deposits of memory that help to understand the ways and structures of contemporary society and man.

It is a process of collective enrichment that makes even clearer the urgency of disseminating the tools of investigation, interpretation and protection that have been the prerogative of the various founding disciplines of industrial archaeology since its inception, starting with those of a historical-economic, architectural-technological and historical-industrial nature, to which new and essential sensitivities have been added over the years, such as those towards the landscape features and the health and environmental qualities of post-industrial territories.

The 2nd States General of Industrial Heritage are organised by AIPAI and DICEA - Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering and promoted by AIPAI, DICEA and TICCIH Italy.

The conference vision is wide-ranging and aims to offer a plural context for sharing studies, methodologies, good practices and positive experiences. This is well represented by the set of 11 thematic areas proposed which, touching on all the topical themes of Industrial Heritage, invite a broad and renewed reflection, not limiting itself to the classical sectors and specialisations of Industrial Archaeology. Finally, the numerous sessions propose specific in-depth studies that can be supplemented by those arising from the participants' submissions.

​AREA 1. Historical machines and production cycles of the industrial heritage
AREA 2. Cities and Industrial territories
AREA 3. Landscapes of production
AREA 4. Infrastructure and urban heritage
AREA 5. Construction for industry: technological and experimentation with material, techniques, and procedures
AREA 6. memory of industry and work
AREA 7. History and work culture
AREA 8. Restoration, conservation and recovery
AREA 9. Reuse and regeneration practices
AREA 10. Image and industry communication
AREA 11. Industrial tourism: experiences of use and mobility

TrattoPunto promotes AREA 11. Industrial tourism:experiences of use and mobility which tackles the theme of industrial tourism in the light of the criticalities and opportunities that have emerged with the pandemic and which, globally and not only culturally, has put industrial heritage visitation and fruition to the test. It is therefore opportune to reflect on the actions put in place by those involved in the valorisation of industrial heritage for tourism purposes.

Subject area 11, coordinated by Francesco Antoniol, Massimo Bottini and Maria Elena Castore, consists of three sessions:

  • In-person and distance torusim and post-COVID;
  • Soft mobility between knowledge and territorial development. Processes, experiences, actors;Storytelling and new media for the valorisation and tourist use of industrial heritage

Presidente del comitato: Edoardo Currà | Presidente AIPAI

Carolina Lussana | Vice president AIPAI
Antonio Monte | Vice president AIPAI
Manuel Ramello | Vice president AIPAI
Renato Covino | Past president AIPAI
Giovanni Luigi Fontana | Past president AIPAI
Massimo Preite | International representative AIPAI
Laura Severi | Secretary AIPAI
Martina Russo | Treasurer AIPAI

Francesco Antoniol, Massimo Bottini, Alessandra Brignola, Maria Carcasio, Maria Elena Castore, David Celetti, Sara De Maestri, Marina Docci, Vittoria Ferrandino, Jacopo Ibello, Amedeo Lepore, Franco Mancuso, Rossella Maspoli, Claudio Menichelli, Cristina Natoli, Antonello Pagliuca, Cesira Paolini, Marco Parini, Eugenio Rogano, Silvia Tardella, Rita Vecchiattini, Augusto Vitale, Ilaria Zilli

Organizing committee: Luca Borghini, Lidia Giusto, Martina Russo, Laura Severi, Silvia Tardella, Palmina Trabocchi

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AIPAI organises and promotes International Congress from 9-11 June 2022