Industrial Tourism in the view of TrattoPunto

We are often asked what TrattoPunto does. Well, the answer is easy: we deal with enhancing the Italian industrial heritage through the design of itineraries, with a focus on Italian and foreign customers who, even if they are not experts, appreciate the values of Made in Italy, whether historical or contemporary.

One of the first aspects that differentiates us from other experiences in communicating Italy’s industrial heritage is that we continually go beyond storytelling to envisage and create a product that can be purchased by the end user, whether it be a simple visitor for the day or a tourist who stays longer, in an itinerary structured over several days, including overnight stays. This is where the profound nature of the tailor-made travel designer shines through; our greatest satisfaction is that of designing tailor-made itineraries, according to the desires of those who approach us, according to the particular taste of those who ask us for an innovative way to discover the values of communities and territories, which are the deepest Italian wealth.

Values and riches of communities and territories that, according to TrattoPunto’s actions, are intertwined with more industrial destinations, in a profitable cause and effect relationship between histories and environments that have generated particular and characteristic industrial examples that, in turn, have shaped the communities and territories that host them over time.

In line with this principle, we are increasingly working with businesses, trade associations and local public institutions to bring out these relationships and, with a touch of creativity, link them together to offer an integrated tourist and visitor proposal that combines traditional tourism destinations with those linked to human know-how.

With a view to diversifying tourist flows, rebalancing between areas characterised by tourist overload or, vice versa, by a lack of visitors, TrattoPunto proposes its solutions that can be read as real territorial marketing actions; solutions that, right from the start, have a real and effective possibility of economic impact, the tourist route. An itinerary in which the best of the area is linked to the best that the industry located there offers. The traditional cultural asset is made even more attractive because it is no longer and not only enjoyed exclusively, but approached from the side, in an innovative and captivating way, in a visit experience that includes access to production sites, food & wine tastings, informed purchases at company outlets and, why not, photographic walks to sites of real industrial archaeology.

TrattoPunto is all this but can be even more. If you agree with our way of understanding tourism and, in particular, this form of industrial heritage enhancement, all you have to do is contact us. If you are a representative of a public institution, if you manage a business, if you are a tourist operator or passionate about these issues…

We are here for you!