The Trattopunto team

Professionals at TrattoPunto have experienced, in their respective fields of action, the different aspects of knowledge, management and valorisation of industrial heritage.

TrattoPunto stems from the awareness of the need for a further step forward: knowledge, management and valorisation are nothing if they do not become a tool of widespread knowledge, of industrial tourism.

Francesco Antoniol

Archivist and industrial archaeologist, co-founder of Studio Associato Virginia, he deals with the enhancement of documentary complexes linked to the economic and business world, and the engineering and management of document flows. He also studies the phenomena of industrialisation, especially in north-eastern Italy.

Michela Biancardi

Architect, co-founder of rossottanio architettura and Texture, researcher at TekneHub and contract lecturer at the Department of Architecture, University of Ferrara, she works on museography, exhibition design, inclusive design, cultural heritage and industrial archaeology.

Lidia Giusto

An art historian and photographer, she works on industrial archaeology and material culture through the creation of thematic itineraries relating to the revaluation of territories.