S.i.p.e. architecture in Bormida Valley
From gunpowder to film

Little Manchester. From the Priamar of the Miramare. Port of Savona

The itinerary develops within the city of Savona, touching on some of the old industrial production sites in the hinterland, imagining a journey between past and present, to understand its history and hypothesise a future scenario linked to the reuse of former production areas.

The little Manchester of Europe, as Savona was called during the industrial era with its steelworks, furnaces and shipyards. An era encapsulated in forty years of history that completely changed the face of the city and still influences the culture, work and daily life of the people of Savona with its architectural imprint.


  • Priamar Fortress
  • Port of Savona
  • Miramare


The route includes nine stops between the Priamar fortress and the port of Savona. It illustrates the history, culture and curiosities of the major industrial enterprises that have succeeded one another over the centuries in Savona and the Bormida Valley.

The itinerary takes place on foot and lasts approximately 3 hours.

Maximum number of people per day: 25

The itinerary is made up of 9 stages that wind their way between the Priamar Fortress and the port of Savona and illustrate the history and curiosities of the major industrial realities that succeeded one another over the centuries in Savona and Bormida Valley.

The Priamar began as a military fortress and over time became the pivotal site of a city that expanded and developed rapidly, century after century, reaching its peak, particularly in the steel industry, between the end of the 19th century and most of the 20th.

Industry arrived early in Savona, with the construction of the Tardy and Benech plant in 1861, which became Ilva in 1918.

At the same time the Ferrania plant was built, and a few decades later Montecatini, Cokitalia, Acna in Bormida Valley, linked by the cable car, which at the time of its construction in 1912, was the longest in Europe.

Our tour ends right here, at the cable car departure building, the area known as Miramare, now a place of rebirth thanks to a near future implementation of the planned landscape restoration project.

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