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TrattoPunto organises tours of industrial and material culture sites. A network of professionals created to bring out the potential attractiveness and interest of architectural sites that are still little known, raising awareness of the preservation and enhancement of industrial sites and material culture, creating itineraries that combine history and local traditions.

By promoting visits to industrial plants, museums, company archives and workers’ settlements, industrial tourism promotes in-depth knowledge of the area from a point of view that is often lateral to classic tourism itineraries.

Industrial tourism is in fact an innovative resource available to local communities to understand the constitution of the territorial and social fabric of a place, a source of interpretation and planning in the processes of development and maintenance of industrial processes on the one hand, and deindustrialisation on the other, while promoting coherent and sustainable activities of recovery and reuse of abandoned containers.

This is the starting point for TrattoPunto’s actions and activities.


Proposals and Itineraries


TrattoPunto proposes a specific itinerary design, modelled on the needs of the tourist. With a limited number of selected partners, we offer itineraries planned for a visit proposal of immediate realisation.


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The TrattoPunto Team


The professionals behind TrattoPunto have experienced the different aspects of knowledge in their respective fields of action, management and valorisation of industrial heritage.

TrattoPunto was born from the awareness of the need for a further step forward:
knowledge, management and valorisation are null and void if they do not become a tool of widespread knowledge, of industrial tourism.


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TrattoPunto’s Blog & News

News from the world of industrial tourism, our activities and those of our partners.
Thematic in-depth analysis of the increasingly close link between know-how and Italian-made products with a highly emotional form of experiential tourism.
with a form of experiential tourism with a high emotional content.

campane fonderia bastanzetti arezzo

Casa dell’Energia di Arezzo

Da fonderia Bastanzetti a sede per la “fusione” di nuovi progetti dedicati alla città ...
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torviscosa industrial heritage

Torviscosa, una città di fondazione

Produzioni industriali autarchiche e bonifiche nell’Italia dei primi decenni del Novecento ...
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meeting erih 2021

Erih e TrattoPunto insieme per il Turismo Industriale Italiano

Sviluppo di strategie turistiche che favoriscano l'Industrial Heritage Italiano ...
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industrial heritage genova

La centrale ENEL di Genova

Storia e futuro dell’ultimo edificio termoelettrico cittadino ...
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Paesaggio industriale: le risaie del vercellese

Un paesaggio rurale unico in cui l'acqua è l'elemento dominante ...
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Le risaie del vercellese

Tour fotografico guidato di archeologia industriale e archeologia paesaggistica ...
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